You are beautiful 7

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October, the month of the year when we all get excited and creative with costumes and parties to celebrate death, is also the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. So lets all celebrate life by fighting back. Encourage your self as well as your loved ones to get involved with the cause through prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure.

You are beautiful 7

Illustration done with a pink ribbon, digitally enhanced. I placed the ribbon strategically to resemble a shoe, then I photographed it.

Shoe 7

Original photograph.

You are beautiful 6

Fall season is here (well, at least for us in the Northern Hemisphere). Another summer is gone, and nature takes its roll. Outside the window we can see how the color palette changes, and that cozy autumn feeling arises again.

I was inspired by nature and did a watercolor with fall leaves motif.

You are beautiful 6

Watercolor digitally enhanced – I got out of my comfort zone by doing this watercolor. Believe me I struggled. I’m so used to working with opaque media where you get to cover whatever doesn’t come up the way you want. But watercolors sure are challenging; I do admire watercolor-artists.

Shoe 6

Original watercolor.

You are beautiful 5

Happy Wednesday everyone! Here’s the shoe that I prepared for this week.

You are beautiful 5


I worked some patterns in the zentangle or zendoodle way with black marker. I changed the color of the drawing in Photoshop and added a fluid-texture background. Then I pulled the shoe with a shadow so it would appear floating – funny, but when I changed the resolution to a lower one for the web, the “shadow” part moved way to the left. The original does not have it that way. I need to figure that out ! -.

* Update on 9-20-12, fixed the problem !  

Shoe 5 (raw)

Original drawing with ink marker on paper.

You are beautiful 4

Hello, hello!! Today is Wednesday and I have a new shoe, yay!

You are beautiful 4

I did this one with markers, then digitally enhanced. I thought I shouldn’t stick to a single style, but instead use as many as I can. And since summer is getting old, I’m adding this one before it gets too cold to wear open-toe shoes.

Shoe 4

Image of the raw illustration done with markers.

Happy shoe day !!


You are beautiful 3

Hello everyone! Today is Wednesday, shoe day ;)You are beautiful 3This is shoe number 3. It’s a digital composition of another collage I did. I used a hole-puncher and color swatches from the home improvement store to come up with the cut-outs. I’ll put some images I have of the process later on.

Shoe 3

Image of the finished shoe (top). The images below show the process of pasting each colored circle.

You are beautiful 2

I’ve decided to challenge myself and see how many different shoes I can come up with. I can only think of endless possibilities since all I need to do is work around a pre-determined form/shape. I think I’ll try to keep the wording, since it helps with meaning. And I’ll post a new one every week (on Wednesdays).

You are beautiful 2

Shoe 2

This one is another paper-collage mainly done in blues. I found the parasol, and made the composition about somewhere in a beach. – The background and text were done in Photoshop – It may be a good idea to number these different shoes, so this one is # 2.

❉ I’ll be doing prints of these compositions, so check my Etsy shop if you’re interested.