You are beautiful 4

Hello, hello!! Today is Wednesday and I have a new shoe, yay!

You are beautiful 4

I did this one with markers, then digitally enhanced. I thought I shouldn’t stick to a single style, but instead use as many as I can. And since summer is getting old, I’m adding this one before it gets too cold to wear open-toe shoes.

Shoe 4

Image of the raw illustration done with markers.

Happy shoe day !!


You are beautiful 3

Hello everyone! Today is Wednesday, shoe day ;)You are beautiful 3This is shoe number 3. It’s a digital composition of another collage I did. I used a hole-puncher and color swatches from the home improvement store to come up with the cut-outs. I’ll put some images I have of the process later on.

Shoe 3

Image of the finished shoe (top). The images below show the process of pasting each colored circle.

You are beautiful 2

I’ve decided to challenge myself and see how many different shoes I can come up with. I can only think of endless possibilities since all I need to do is work around a pre-determined form/shape. I think I’ll try to keep the wording, since it helps with meaning. And I’ll post a new one every week (on Wednesdays).

You are beautiful 2

Shoe 2

This one is another paper-collage mainly done in blues. I found the parasol, and made the composition about somewhere in a beach. – The background and text were done in Photoshop – It may be a good idea to number these different shoes, so this one is # 2.

❉ I’ll be doing prints of these compositions, so check my Etsy shop if you’re interested.