You are beautiful 11

The Iconic Catrina

You are beautiful 11

Ink drawing, digitally enhanced.

“La Catrina” was created by Mexican artist Jose Guadalupe Posada in the 1910’s as a satire. It mocked dictator Porfirio Diaz’s reign. His obsession with all things European conflicted with the nation’s repression of the indigenous people. La Catrina was the main character in a series of illustrations depicting native Mexicans who scorned their own culture and tried to pass as Europeans (especially French, hence the feathered hat).

La Catrina is often incorporated in the celebrations of the Day of the Dead, which is celebrated in Mexico the first day of November – Mexicans celebrate the “rising” of the dead when parted ones come back for the day to eat and share with loved ones -. On the next day the “All Saints Day” takes place as well.

Catrina on boot drawing

Original drawing made with ink. I placed La Catrina as an adornment on the front part of the boot and that led me to have the idea of replacing the shaft of the boot with a “torso-column” inspired of course on Frida Kahlo’s painting “The Broken Column”

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