You are beautiful 13


You are beautiful 13

Sketch-collage, digitally enhanced.

Hello! It’s Wednesday and I got the shoe.

Let’s shimmer then!

You are beautiful 13 - raw

Photo of the finished sketch/collage – is this an oxymoron? can I have a finished sketch? – I shot on an angle as much as I could to capture some shimmering.

PROCESS (retrospectively):

You are beautiful 13 - Process 4

After I had pasted the tissue, I drew around it with the Sharpie again and did some decoration.

You are beautiful 13 - Process 3

Pasted the tissue.

You are beautiful 13 - Process 2

I cut some designs on gold metallic wrapping tissue – Cutting tissue paper requires a lot of patience.

You are beautiful 13 - Process 1

I started with a sketch of the shoe with pencil on black construction paper. Then I drew on top with Sharpie’s metallic gray marker.


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